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ATC Rear shock covers $25.00. These can be made to fit your shock wether it is stock or after market. Also available to say "250R" and custom orders.                 

 ATC Cross Bar Pads $25.00
Fastens with vintage snaps.
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350x Cross Bar Pad
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200X Cross Bar Pad
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250r Cross Bar Pad
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200X Cross Bars Coming Soon! Email us for custom designs.

Skull Headlight covers $22.00 Shipped! (fit Banshee headlights or Warrior headlights). Many color combos available.

Fabric: Camo, Red, Black, Silver, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and even some "funky" stuff.

Here are our Trucker Girl Headlight covers. These fit Yamaha Banshee and Yamaha Warrior. We have just about any color fabric you want. These covers are machine washable and fit into your pocket at dusk, for easy carrying. We also have Maltese cross, Flame and 69 covers. Contact us for a set of custom covers with your name, logo, number, initials, etc.    

Banshee Warrior Alien Headlight Covers.

Banshee Warrior Yamaha Tuning Forks Headlight Covers

All of our Headlight Covers Glow when you run them with the lights on!!

Custom design "Screw U" Cross Bar Pad covers.  Fastens with velcro.

This is one of our Cross Bar Pad Covers. Ask us about one custom made for you. Also machine washable.